Addiction Treatment & Help

To end the suffering of addiction, you must embrace a new perspective - that we are here to heal the soul. Problems with drug and alcohol abuse show us where to begin the journey.

Audrey’s Addiction Counseling is a unique, magical process that takes one beyond the rational limited concepts of the mind, the five senses and the boundaries of traditional therapy into the deeper soul where true healing takes place. The goal of this voyage is nothing less than a full transformation of the physical, emotional and spiritual body.

People can be in therapy for years, go to rehab numerous times and write a thesis on their problems – but they don’t heal. Transformation can only take place on the deep, energetic level of the inner being.

Healing is simple if you do what needs to be done. One must work with a talented seer who will journey with you into the cave and solve the riddle of your soul at its very root. One must investigate from a higher compass, a deep map of karma, vows, life lessons and past lives. When you unlock the keys, transformation is possible and life becomes a miracle of free creation.

Spiritual Addiction Counseling is a real-feeling experience designed to activate the energy of peace in the central nervous system and spark lasting change.

As you ask your question, keep this new perspective in mind.