How can I change my life?

The secret of transformation is to heal the soul and crack the code of your life. One must dare to investigate themselves from a higher perspective; a deeper map of past lives, karma, contracts, vows, and life purpose. When you unlock the keys and heal the issues that bind you, change becomes possible and life becomes a miracle of free creation. It requires commitment, determination, and knowledge of how the game of life really works so you can scientifically and practically move into freedom. Through authentic soul healing, you will become a master of your own destiny and live your dreams. The truth is that we manifest by healing.

A quick transformation test:

• Are you ready to change?
• Are you willing to heal and face yourself in the light of day?
• Can you live in 100% truth and authenticity?
• Can you take responsibility for the creation of your life?

Why am I stuck?

Pain is a divine wake-up call, a signal, an invitation to ascend, and a transformation by fire! If you learn to read the real message of suffering, it will guide you to what you need to learn in order to find your potential jewel and grow. As Joseph Campbell said, “Where you stumble, there lies your treasure.” We are in earth school to heal our deep core issues, the long-ago soul wound that was reinforced in early childhood. Unless that loss of soul is retrieved, you will follow the same patterns over and over again, spin in a never-ending circle, and meet the same characters in your life. Relationships and events always form patterns and themes. With spiritual sight, you can learn to see that life is a divine mirror to reflect back what you need to learn.

How do I get over the guilt and shame of my drug use?

For over two decades, I have worked with people from all walks of life who are in pain. I am always astounded at the level of guilt and shame people hold because of the hidden rules they live by. Unless unconscious ideas of sin and punishment are investigated, it will eat at the soul and the person will say, “What the hell, it’s no use – I might as well use drugs and alcohol.” Even if a person never went to church or temple, the silent principles of society, family, culture, and religious belief systems creep into the unconscious to brainwash and indoctrinate. We are programmed to live with a scorecard over our heads that requires us to check the “Good” or “Bad” box next to our name! This concept makes us feel undeserving and not good enough.

Stop for a moment and ask yourself, “Where did my beliefs come from? Why do I think the way I do?” With education and spiritual wisdom, one can return to unconditional love as their birthright. One learns that shame and guilt are concepts to trick us and keep us out of alignment with our true spiritual power. We can never be separated from God; we are already what we seek. Like Dorothy in Oz, the answer is in our own shoes and the kingdom of God is within. Addicts and people in pain are always comforted and healed by the reality of spiritual freedom.

Why do I need to heal at the core level in order to be sober?

Heal the soul, heal the addiction! It is NEVER about the drugs. The drugs chart the story, point the way to the wound, the unexpressed cry in the soul. It shows where you need to look in order to begin healing.

Like Einstein said, “You can’t solve a problem on the level in which it was created.” Some people have been in therapy for years and can write a thesis on their issues and problems; but they don’t heal. Healing is not done in the rational mind. Healing must take place on a deep, profound energy level of the soul. Spiritual addiction counseling is about freedom of the soul; it is different than psychology because it invites one to go beyond the rational mind, to enter the divine energy of love where peace resides. It is a way of healing that we all need; addicts, alcoholics and everyone else!

Is there forgiveness?

Spiritual healing is about a return to the higher consciousness of love and self-love. We are all on that healing journey – crucification to resurrection to inner peace – to lose, find, and never lose again. The different ways we travel there are not important because all roads lead to the same destination of unconditional love. One must understand the most important part of the healing journey and that is the relationship you have with yourself. People may hurt us and we may work on that pain in therapy for years. It may ease, but the most damaging part is the way we abandon ourselves. It is not what others do to us, but what we do to ourselves because of them. Our inner child, our inner soul, is waiting for us; and when this is restored, forgiveness is the by-product. Forgiveness is an ingredient of divine love, not a forced energy of man’s religious needs. You must do real healing to achieve forgiveness and not be told you HAVE to forgive in order to get to Heaven!

How do I heal from sexual abuse and trauma?

Over the years, I have worked with so many people deeply suffering from trauma and abuse. Through the empowering energy of miracles and divine love, anything is possible! Spiritual healing is an invitation to enter the great truth that no matter what has been done to us, we can heal. No one has the right to steal our soul, our light, our life force or our power. We demand and command our energy back from the one who took it and let them energetically know that they can no longer harm us! One can bravely enter the dark closet of secrets, open the door, turn the lights on and triumph in the energy of their own freedom.

How can I stop being critical with myself?

I coined the phrase, “The sovereignty of the self,” a way of living as the king/queen of your own soul with powerful laws of self-love and self-care. It requires a commitment to be 100% authentic and to follow your own heart. It involves watching for the crime of self-doubt, which is a dangerous trick to keep us out of alignment with our true power. Boundaries are the weapons of defense that begin the transformation.

The vows of sovereign power include:

• I will never put myself down ever again.
• I will not live outside of myself and let others define me.
• I vow to speak my truth at all times.
• I take full responsibility for my own life and let go of victimhood.
• I am first.

How can I energetically get over my relationship, the hooks and the chains that bind me?

Everything is energy. We are energy beings and we must learn to investigate our lives from the level and language of this energy. To be healthy, one must live in our own energy field 100% of the time and not leak our life force. The truth is simple; you either feel good, or you feel bad. This is our psychic radar. If you feel bad, only two things could have happened – someone took your energy or you gave it away. To heal, you must reclaim your energy. You must scan the invisible hooks, chains and cords that steal our life force and bind us NEGATIVELY to others. It is amazing how easy it is for people to see what has been done on this level.

Close your eyes. Decide you are going to take back your power. Check in with your body and scan for any hooks, chains, or cords that bind you. Where is it located? Who is it attached to? Why did it happen? Why did you allow it? Call the people who are attached to you. Tell them you are healing. Tell them what you need to do in order to be free. Perhaps it is a secret or something you never said. Then, when you are complete, gently remove the cord. It is your energy and no one can take it without your permission ever again. Breathe in freedom. Open your eyes.

How can I protect myself from toxic people?

One of the goals in my life is to help people learn the TRUTH about energy; this quickly speeds up the healing process! Often what looks like depression, anxiety, addiction, confusion, illness, and, in its extreme form, a desire to commit a crime or hurt yourself/someone else, is a matter of energy! It is time to get educated and not be tricked.

Like the Wicked Witch in The Wizard of Oz who melted when she was exposed, fooling someone is a dangerous path. We are always challenged by negative forces that try to take us down. We are always in the challenge of light vs. dark. All great teachers and masters are aware of this truth. It is our job to stay in the light and not get fooled. We must clear, protect and align our energy fields. We must armor, shield, be wise and be prepared. Read invisible energy (even if it is our closest relative), define it and don’t be insane or stupid. Toxic people are always toxic – Dracula is always Dracula. Why would I expect things to be different?

If I face a toxic person or a psychic vampire I do the following:

• Leave as soon as I can.
• Disengage from the drama.
• Shield myself with a golden shield of light.
• Clear myself with an Epsom salt bath or a walk in nature.

Try the following exercise of psychic protection. Imagine a golden egg surrounds you as a shield. It stretches 2 feet above you, 2 feet beneath you, 2 feet to the right, and 2 feet to the left. Feel the energy of the sun above you. Now shower this golden sphere with powerful light and declare your spiritual power by saying in a commanding voice, “In the name of the pure white light, I now command all negative energy to leave me immediately through my feet! I am 100 percent restored in the light!”

The good news is that this energy drain will find it harder to trick you. You know the game and it cannot get you like it once did. Only keep diligent watch for the ways it can creep in through your vulnerable points, which are your issues (I have so much more information to share on this powerful subject.)

How can I be happy no matter what?

It is great power to know the game of life, how to play it and why. Once you know the way, happiness can become real. You can make sense of everything and figure out how to navigate through. We manifest our issues and what we need to learn – to grow our souls and thrive in earth school. It is all for the remembrance of our divine power. Like Michelangelo, who removed the stone to uncover the masterpiece that was already there, so we know we are already what we seek. Spiritual wisdom lifts us beyond mediocrity and pain, above the rivers and troubles of life, into the powerful truth of who we are; light beings with the divine ability to heal ourselves and the world.

We can become superior to circumstances, more than our earthly story, as well as masters of our own destiny. We can remain neutral to negative forces and live from an inner embrace of peace that depends on no one and nothing. We get “high” from spiritual truth. Knowing our divinity gives us the gift of being happy, no matter what!