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Every woman feels insecure about her looks, only focusing on what is wrong and what needs to be fixed. She constantly fights an internal war of, ''I am not pretty enough, smart enough, skinny enough, or good enough.''

Ask a woman to face herself in the mirror and say, ''I am beautiful''. She will find this task difficult.

To activate the higher frequency of self-love, women must understand that the journey is a circle of return – to lose, to find, and to never lose again. She must follow her own heart and speak at full volume. She must marry her true self, or pay a high price.

Healing is very simple when you do what needs to be done. We must go beyond the five senses, beyond the rational mind and heal at the ‘root of the root’ of the soul. Einstein once said, ”We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” One can spend years in therapy and write a thesis on their pain, but not heal. One needs an alchemist who will journey with you through the cave and solve the deep riddle of the soul, investigating from a map of past lives, karma, life purpose, vows, and contracts. When you unlock the keys to your inner being, transformation is simple and life becomes a miracle of free creation.

The heart speaks its own language and can take you on a wild journey. You will travel away from all sense and rationality, shapeshifting into madness. Love beats to its own drum until, with enough noise and confusion, you are forced to listen to a new philosophy, a deep spirituality and a higher math. The holy equation of love is 1 + 1 = 1.