Spiritual Counselor

What do you hope for? What do you deeply desire for yourself and your life? Now is the time - challenge yourself to achieve your highest potential and dreams!

The answer to everything is spirituality; spiritual peace, learning spiritual law, and healing yourself at your soul's deepest level. There is hope for renewal in your life.

My practice of transformation with spiritual counseling, honed through more than twenty years of working with people from all walks of life, is a method that is fast, easy and practical. My system is a transformational adventure with your spiritual development, building on ancient powers of manifestation and spiritual healing. In order to make a profound difference in your life, we will awaken your spiritual awareness of your self, taking you beyond the limited, rational structures of the mind, beyond your five senses, and beyond the boundaries of traditional therapy. My goal is nothing less than a full transformation, achieving a personal relationship with your true self that changes your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Happiness can then be practiced as a positive choice.

Like Michelangelo, who removed the stone to uncover the sculpture that lay beneath the surface, we work deeply at the root of the root of the soul to unblock and remove personal barriers. When we sit free in silence, we can discern the truth - that we are powerful beings of light with a magical ability to heal ourselves and the world around us.